Thursday, December 31, 2009

Resolutions, schmesolutions?

Like many people, I don't tend to go in for New Year's Resolutions as such. But as this year has been drawing to a close, in the midst of post-Stockholm and pre-Christmas preparations I keep having a set of "next year I will...." thoughts popping into my mind.

Of course there are the usual "eat less, exercise more" hopes. And also on the personal (or personality?) front, if as a parent I could expend less sweat on the "small stuff" and be a bit more creative with how I parent, I would be pleased.

In the kitchen, I would like to get back to a more organized and more varied menu plan, rather than my all-to-frequent MasterChef farce, "you have one hour to turn this meat, these vegetables and these pantry items into a nutritious dinner". A sub-aim of this is to get back to reading my delicious. subscription more diligently: too often this year I have enquired about a recipe only to hear "it was in last month's delicious." And if we're talking about reading.... apologies to all those friends whose kindly lent books will be celebrating their New Year's Eve in my "to read" pile. I do intend to read them. I do.

Beyond the kitchen, I find it hard to believe that the general clutter surrounding the laundry, the incoming mail (and everywhere else?) can be banished for ever, but it would be nice to see it under tighter control! Would it surprise you to know that we still have various bits of Stockholm and Christmas aftermath still hanging around our place?

And my oft-neglected garden hasn't been forgotten: fewer weeds, more edibles seems like a worthy aim. My enthusiasm has already been helped by my Sister-in-Law's gift of a subscription to Organic Gardener (and helped by Little Bro whose Christmas Day snooze in the car gave me an hour of quiet reading time!!)

Thinking about it, there is a theme coming through: my optimistic goal for 2010 is to feel a bit more structure come back to my life. I won't go as far as to wish for the lost bits of my pre-child life to be superimposed on my current very happy but often chaotic life, but I do hope that with a bit of energy invested I will reap a bit more order.

Am I asking for too much?

Best wishes for 2010 to you!


ilipilli said...

...and to you! Great resolutions. I plan to write mine tomorrow night - too busy cooking for tomorrow's party this NYE. I agree with you about structure coming back and almost everything else (I need to read my pile of delicious magazines from the last 3 years!!). Another major resolution for me will be to consume less, and not just in an eating context. But I'll blog about that another evening :) Happy New Year!

_vTg_ said...

Glad I am not alone in the need for structure; though when I told B about it, he said "and what makes you this this year will be any less busy?" Live in hope....

I agree about the consuming less. If you haven't already, have a look at the Towards Sustainability blog (in my Blog List; not very active atm but lots of archives) A bit more than I can handle (no plastic, DIY toiletries etc) but I find it good food for thought.

Happy New Year to you too! (From this side of the tick-over) Let's keep the blogging coming!

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