Monday, December 21, 2009

This Growing Life goes Swedish

Please excuse the break in transmission, dear reader. You see, in October something really quite extraordinary happened to us: we received an invitation to attend Nobel Week in Stockholm, culminating in the Nobel Prize ceremony and banquet. In an attempt to maintain my blog's anonymity, I won't elaborate on the circumstances further, except to assure you that the Nobel Prize for Blogging (or otherwise) did not go to yours truly.

It was one of those once-in-a-lifetime (or less frequent) events, and crazy as it seemed, B and I (ably assisted by my mum) packed up the two boys and hit the skies bound for the Nordic Winter.

The whole trip went really well- really as well as I could have hoped! The boys generally travelled well, a highlight for me being that Big Bro managed to pull his little wheelie bag himself for the whole 30-or-so hours of travel and transit from our house to our accommodation in Stockholm. The 10 days we were in Stockholm were apparently warm for that time of year, meaning temperatures between freezing and 5°C, with only some snow on the last morning- much easier weather in which to deal with small kids than the -13 to -8°C and 15cm snow we were told arrived a few days later. We also coped with jetlag (and are still coping with it, yawn) and all-in-all, I am so, so pleased we took the plunge and went! We will probably wait until the boys are a lot older (late primary school?) before we revisit Europe for a pure holiday, but in the meantime we can see Asia or perhaps even North America as potential holiday destination (finances-willing, which will take a while!!) Hooray!!

I have a few posts-in-the-making about our travels, which I will try to finish as and when the Christmas rush allows.

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ilipilli said...

Welcome back! Can't wait to hear more.

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