Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Too good to be true?

It's been hot and sticky for a few days here, so I am really hoping Pocket Weather's forecast of six days of rain is right!

Wednesday: Shower or thunderstorm developing. Correct...
Thursday: Storms and showers. Technically correct... though an understatement given the storms resulted in flash flooding in the city!
Friday: Shower or two. Well... after the previous day's rain I'm not sure what happened overnight... but not much during the day.
Saturday: Shower or thunderstorm developing. Not really... unless a mid-morning shower counts as a development.
Sunday: Shower or thunderstorm developing. Nope!
Monday: Shower or two developing. Wishful thinking- the only precipitation was from my dripper system!

Conclusion: two day forecasts are about the limit of the truth! The rest... wait and see...

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