Friday, March 5, 2010

Out of sight....

It's been a while, hasn't it?

Work things (of the paid variety) took over my major blogging time in February. It was a large-ish submission, much of it online, and in the evenings I would work until I had run out of energy to write creatively in an online text box... By which time I had run out of energy to blog creatively into an online text box!

Despite the lack of published evidence, I was still in a blogging frame of mind and was thinking of posts and taking photos, which I'll now try to get uploaded and explained. (Anyone know how to automate the image reduction processes for blogging? That is my major rate limiting step.)

One thing I realised in February was that being a parent is a good way to stop paid work taking over my life. While the boys are awake and in my care, there is no way I can be focusing on the finer details of justifying other people's salaries or who my consumers are. So the essence of "This Growing Life" has been continuing: we've been seeding and weeding, learning the finer points of breadmaking and paleontology, and playing a MasterChef challenge with one giant
zucchini, a handful of parsely, three green beans and 10 minutes to get a meal on the table. All good.

Catch you again soon!


ilipilli said...

Waves... hey there! From one working mum to another, hope all is well. Not much blogging going on in my part of the world either at present. Bring on Easter and perhaps I'll have something to write about. Take care x

_vTg_ said...

Hi! I've missed your postings around the various traps! Hope juggling the not so new job is going well, cheers

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