Thursday, April 1, 2010

Four legs good, two legs better?

Little Bro is gradually (yes, this is Little Bro, I mean gradually) making the conversion from tetrapod to bipod. One of the highlights of being considered a walker for him has been that he now gets to wear shoes. He's been pleased enough with having his own footwear that "shuesSS" quickly entered his vocabulary. And shuesSS is not just a passive noun: it's either and excited descriptor or else a demand. "What, everyone else is putting on their shoes?? I need my shuesSS!!" "Look what I happened to come across in my travels: shuesSS! I better put on my shueSS!!"

I should put a plug in for my favourite shuesSS shoes: Baby Paws, a lovely soft Tasmanian leather, as bought by Princess Mary of Denmark (I can't find a link to corroborate what my mother told me, that Mary bought Baby Paws while visiting Hobart in the early stages of her second pregnancy.) The Baby Paws replaced our other pair of cute baby shoes, My First Tevas , one of which Little Bro decided to drop on our shopping trip to get the Baby Paws... (to my disappointment!). But Little Bro sees baby shoes for what they are- shoes for babies- and instead loves a hand-me-down pair of sandals. As far as shuesSS go, these are the real deal. Hours of fun could be had by sealing and unsealing the four Velcro straps, and taking the shoes on and off... but it would be more fun for all involved if Little Bro could do it himself!

We had a near-crisis a few days ago when we left these sandals at the pool. But hooray for lost property services: never was there a bigger smile for recovered property than when Little Bro was reunited with his beloved shuesSS. And from a sentimental perspective, I was pretty glad to see them too, Velcro straps and all.

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