Friday, April 2, 2010

Keeping Pace

Big Bro climbed his first mountain today- Mt Tinbeerwah, near Noosa. Admittedly most of the work was done by a petrol engine- he certainly didn't meet the Colorado definition of having climbed a fourteener, which was ascending over 3000 feet (some sticklers would backtrack from official trailheads to descend enough to the be able to ascend the requisite 3000 feet). But he managed a roughly 500m trail which continuously ascended, without a single complaint. This was much better than I remember being for walks at a similar age, and much better than we often get on city streets!

As well as enjoying the outcome, I really enjoyed the walk with Big Bro. I strolled at his pace, with plenty of time to notice the surrounds- a dainty leaf eater's shelter, dragonflies, butterflies, different cricket calls. For someone who usually seems to prefer the mechanical world to the natural one, Big Bro had a lot to discuss about the surrounds. At the end, B and I said "we really need to do this sort of thing more often"... Along with everything else for which we've said that!! But watch this space!!

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