Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pre-school Politics

I was trying to explain the current political situation to Big Bro (to explain why I wanted to listen to the radio in the car). My side of the conversation went like this:

Do you remember Kevin, who's friends with Obama? He might be getting a new job, and someone called Julia might be getting his job, so she can be Obama's friend. Not your friend Julia- a grownup Julia with orange hair. She likes orange hair and her friend Tim makes it orange*. Julia might be going to be Obama's friend because she didn't want to be Kevin's friend any more, and she's asked whether she can have Kevin's job. It's because some people- John and Bill and Mark- thought Julia was better than Kevin, and that Julia is a winner so they wanted to be Julia's friend. Uuhhh... which really isn't a nice way to play with other people, is it?

*not really true.

1 comment:

MultipleMum said...

This is so cute! Politics can get very school-yardish too so it is quite fitting to see it referred to in these terms. I wonder how Julia and Obama will get on...

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