Monday, September 7, 2009

Having the Obamas to dinner

You never know where dinner conversations will go at our place.

Recently, we've spent a lot of time discussing the Obama family, after my mum gave Big Bro a Polaroid picture of her taken with a cardboard cutout of Barrack Obama. I am often asked to "talk about that man Obama", including answering questions about his domestic circumstances. Were Big Bro to write a paragraph on what he knows about that man Obama, I suspect it would go along the lines of:

Obama has babies. They are called Sasha and Malia. Their mama is called Michelle. My Mama doesn't know why she is called Michelle; that is her name. They live in a big white house. My Mama doesn't know who built that house. I live in a big house too, built by Rolypoly.

The next time the topic of conversation shifts to Pennsylvania Avenue, I will show Big Bro this YouTube video about the White House vegetable garden.

There is are good descriptions here and here, too. It is a good affirmation of my reasons for having our own vegie plot.

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