Saturday, February 5, 2011

This weekend I am grateful for.... handymen

This week's Maxabella-inspired Grateful Post is about that wonderful species, Handy humanis, the common handyman. B and I are not at all handy when it comes to home repairs, and we are quite happy to contract out. It's definitely worth the cash, cuppa (always, always white with one) and two biscuits.

This week we decided it was time to have our front door trimmed to fit our house's La Niña dimensions (which evidently have a different lean from the El Niño version). This was all achieved, and I was grateful for Jon the Handyman's handiness. Even more so, as I swept away the wood shavings and collected the offcuts I realised that I am even more grateful when I encounter that rare subspecies Handy humanis cleanupafterwards. Even so, it's nice to have a front door that opens.

Image from, which I didn't use to find a handyman.


Maxabella said...

I have mixed feelings about hiring in the handyman after my experience with Hire a Hubby... but I am getting ready to try again! x

Cat from Raspberry Rainbow said...

I am sure a front door that opens must be wonderful!
My hubby is not hand at all either, but I am one lucky girl, as my step-dad LOVES fixing things, and now he always has his tool box in his car when they come to our house - as there is always at least one little job for him to do :)

Naturally Carol said...

Common...I don't think they are common these days...all the more reason to be grateful for the good ones!

Bangchik said...

I will repair little things, and contract out tougher ones. But I will never contract out gardening around the house to anyone else, not even the greatest gardening humanis or humanoid!.. haha.

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