Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hunter Gatherer Skills?

Don't get me started on a rant, but generally I don't take much interest in claims of gender differences in children, at least when based on purely anecdotal experience. For adults, though, it's a different matter! (Sometimes)

Many of my friends and I believe the presence of two X chromosomes increases an individual's ability to notice items directly in their line of site, based on experiences in our own houses. Perhaps it has something to do with the skills needed by our ancestral mothers and aunts for gathering edible berries and grains on the plains of Africa?

I accompanied Big Bro to a birthday party yesterday, and had to laugh with a few of the other mothers at the conclusion of a treasure hunt. Six children- three boys and three girls- were looking for six little chocolate bars "hidden" (by three year old standards) in a small area. The first three were found almost instantly, and the three finders withdrew from the game to eat their treasure. The remaining children ran in circles "looking" for several more minutes before being assisted to varying degrees to find their prizes. Comment was made amongst the mothers that this second group happened to be exclusively male... perhaps they really couldn't see what was right in front of their noses?!

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