Thursday, March 11, 2010

Happy days

As I've said before, as lovely as my little boys are, a part of me is looking forward to being able to reclaim sone aspects of my pre-child life as the boys get older. Yesterday I had a sniff of how this could work.

We started like most Wednesdays with our weekly grocery shop, and then moved on to another shopping centre where in addition to finding two tricky birthday presents, I was actually able to try clothes on not once but three times! AND I managed to buy some much- needed new jeans! (I was glad the shops were fairly quiet, so noone else heard me justify to Big Bro what I liked or didnt like about each item I tried on!)

Later, at home, after a bit of recipe simplification, Big Bro and I made a birthday cake for B (hummingbird, mmmm) while Little Bro slept,

and then we all headed outside to dig a trench and fill it with compost in preparation for a new box hedge.

With everyone chipping in, we managed to finish the job- I was stunned! The boys cleared about a metre of trench- and it was lovely to see them actually working together. And to top off a productive day, I managed to fit in a gym visit once the boys were in bed.

Part of me thinks, if only every day could run as smoothly... while the other part knows that our days of spontaneous chaos and chaotic sponteneity will soon have to give way to a more structured week. So I'll enjoy each happy day as it comes.

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