Thursday, November 4, 2010

The night of the long pincers, or Double Standards

Funny how I try not to let the boys watch anything involving physical violence on the tv, yet I am happy to step outside for some murderous vengeance after their bedtime.



Very clever of you to climb into the plastic bottle shielding the melon...

It was actually earwigs I was after- the little blighters are voracious!
There was no shortage :(



Hasta la vista, little insect....


Bangchik said...

Life is not a simple black and white kind of thing... Colours blend nicely somehow. We can be cruel now and yet so sweet the next hour. And strangely we can also be cruel to be kind.. Have a Happy Day! ~bangchik

Maxabella said...

That's real-life vengeance right there. No gory CGI required. x

ilipilli said...

It's one of my regular evening occupations, especially after it rains...

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