Friday, March 11, 2011

This weekend I am grateful for... medical research

I heard a rumour this week that the Federal Government is planning to cut medical research funding in the May federal budget, as part of the broader savings agenda needed to pay for flood rebuilding and other spending commitments like the NBN. While I have no problem with paying for these important projects, I do have a BIG problem with the apparent presumption that Australia can afford to cut medical research funding. Facebook and Twitter campaigns have already started to spread the word about why medical research needs ongoing funding- and as of Sunday there is a website! Things are moving quickly!! I thought it was worth using this week's Maxabella-inspired Grateful Post to say why I'm grateful for medical research:

1. Medical research improves our health and saves lives.
Case in point: this is Little Bro.

Born in 2008, saved in 1928. 100 years ago I don't know if Little Bro or I would still be around. When I was 37 weeks pregnant I had bacterial pneumonia and spend a few nights in hospital being pumped full of penicillin and other antibiotics. If it hadn't been for medical researchers who developed penicillin as an antibiotic, including the Australian Howard Florey , who knows how Little Bro and I would have fared. There's so much that we take for granted in our lives- immunizations, lying babies on their backs to reduce SIDS deaths, cardiac pacemakers, humidicribs, taking folate while pregnant, IVF- which are the result of medical research.

2. Medical research is good for the economy.

I'm not an economist, but those in the know (like Access Economics) say that for every $1 that the government puts into medical research, $1.17 is returned to the economy. Medical research improves the health of the country, reduces medicare costs and decreases hospital stays.

Medical research is the best investment in your life.

Are you grateful for medical research?

Disclaimer: my entire career has been paid for one way or another in large part by the Australian and US research budgets. But I'm grateful. Very grateful.

PS. And I'm top of Maxabella's linky list!! Howzat?!

PPS on Saturday. Thanks for your supportive comments. The Discoveries Need Dollars Facebook page has just posted a touching story about Ava, a little girl given the gift of hearing with the Australian-invented Bionic Ear.


Jodie at Mummy Mayhem said...


I love that you're so passionate about this. We all should be.

Great post. x

mumsarcade said...

I have never thought about this question really and I thank you for such a thought-provoking post.
I am grateful for more mundane matters over at

Naomi said...

Love this - you really have me thinking about this topic. Thanks N x

kasiabear said...

Great post..
Me too.. Never thought of research from that perspective..
Have a great weekend!!

_vTg_ said...

Thanks for your comments :)
There is a really touching story of how the Australian-invented Bionic Ear has helped a little girl to hear at

Anonymous said...

Little Bro is supremely gorgeous and thanks for the reflective nature of the post.

Maxabella said...

You are at your best when you are at your most passionate and political. Yes, yes, yes, I am grateful! x

Romina Garcia said...

Great post!...and what a beautiful, beautiful little bub!
Awesome blog. So glad I found you via AMB.
Following you now with GFC.
You can find me over at:

_vTg_ said...

Things are moving quickly- there's now a website!

m.e (Cathie) said...

you made me teary reading this, thank you! I am glad little bro & you had the chance that many others before that didn't.

ANB said...

Hello! Am off to use the last 10 minutes of E's nap to churn out some emails to politicians. If you get a moment please drop in to my blog as I've nominated you for a Liebster Award.

Naturally Carol said...

I totally agree with your comments in this post..Medical Research is so important..and it's imperative that we keep funding there so it stays on the cutting edge. Aussies have discovered so much that affects people of all nations now! I am following you now..found you from ANB.

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