Saturday, March 26, 2011

The weekend I am grateful for... my job, my outlet and some answers

Oh that's right- I have a blog.

I was reminded by this email from my kind cousin -which will be addressed in another post (promise)- and realised that it has been more than a week since I have looked at my blog, let alone two weeks since I have posted.

The reason, and subject of this week's Maxabella-inspired, MultipleMum-hosted Grateful Post is my new job. It's awesome and it's wonderful and it's super crazy BUSY!! B asked last week, "would you have imagined that there was a job out there for you where you can claim reading newspapers and books, and using Facebook and Twitter* were all part of a day's work?" And best of all, it was what I needed (but my blog didn't)- an outlet to write.

So, dear readers, I'd be grateful for a couple of answers-
  1. is writing juice a finite resource? I feel like my reserves are low once I've fueled the work words. Or is that just my energy reserves?
  2. do your colleagues know that you blog? And do they read your blog? Mine know- because it came up in my interview- and it's been mentioned broadly, but (I think) they haven't seen my blog. Partly because I know it's got lots of unedited (in a bad way), rambly writing and isn't beautiful or highly successful or anything. Not that I'm ashamed of it... but it's just not that... professional. Is that just me, or do other bloggers feel like that?
*Yes, as of a couple of weeks ago, I tweet. @_vTg_ but so far it's been more about me than children and gardening, hence my lack of connections between here and there.


ANB said...

Back in my days of paid work, I did a lot of reading and writing, and felt like I had very little enthusiasm or energy for either (other than reading of the most mindless sort) when I got home. One of the nice things about not lawyering is finding a fresh enthusiasm for both.

_vTg_ said...

Thanks for that mental prompt- my general reading dropped off when I was doing postgraduate study (=lots of reading), so I guess I'm in a similar slump...

MultipleMum said...

Your new job sounds fab! Congrats! I am sure you are just in a transitional stage and will re-ignite the creative vibe once you have enough 'space' for your blog again. I keep blog and work separate, hence my moniker! Thanks for linking x

Maxabella said...

I think we all need a blogging break from time to time. At the end of the day, blogging is a past time (and a time suck at that) and sometimes we have time to pass and other times we don't!

Yes, my colleagues all read my blog (including the Executive Director of my division, apparently!) I've only ever edited myself once when I had second thoughts about the wording of a post (and one other time to protect a family member). So, you know, I don't really have anything that I write about that is different to the me I present at work, mainly 'cos the me at work is just... me. I'm not that into 'professional' bollocks. I'm pretty out there at work, to be honest, especially considering I work for a large, conservative corporate. But I go okay. I believe in being your whole-self at work, that gets the best, most balanced work out of a person. I guess I'm just into being a decent, presentable person and that's 'professional' enough. So I guess it all works out ok. x

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