Saturday, October 30, 2010

This weekend I am grateful for... the kindness of friends and strangers

Time for another Maxabella-inspired Grateful Post. This week I've been struck by people who have gone beyond my expectations, in the best ways.

First, I am grateful for the person who found my purse on the street and delivered it to the local police station before I realised that it was lost rather than misplaced.

Second, I am beyond grateful to friends who have gone beyond the call of duty. I am plotting some career adjustments at the moment and, without intending to, I have discovered the power of networking. Suddenly going from "oh dear, not sure what I'll do" to "wow, that might be a good option" has been empowering. So I am grateful to people who tell me "you can..." rather than "you shouldn't..." (even if the latter are saying it with the best intentions.)


Naomi said...

great thoughts - I so love to hear about honest people helping others - glad you got your purse back! can't go wrong with good friends :)

Maxabella said...

What lovely friends you have - 'you can' rather than 'you shouldn't'!

Which reminds me of a girl I know who when I shared my weight-loss with said "you've lost it too fast, it's all going to come back on"... why, thank you... ah, friend. x

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have great friends and how exciting making all these changes in your life! I hope it all goes brilliantly for you x

m.e (Cathie) said...

it's always a good thing when people go beyond our expectations.
such good karma that your purse got returned to you, some people are really wonderful.

hope this week is even better for you ♥

allison tait said...

Good luck with everything! We all need people who say 'what a great idea, why don't you...' instead of 'why would you do that?'. Keepers, all of them.

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