Saturday, October 16, 2010

This weekend I am grateful for... rain

This week's Maxabella-inspired Grateful Post, and (beyond the usual family and friends) the easy answer was that this weekend I am grateful for:


Lots of lovely, deep, soaking rain, undoing the effects of the drought here. (With apologies to people for whom the last 36 hours has had too much rain...) I tried to grab some pictures from the Melbourne Water site to show how Melbourne Water storages are their fullest since Big Bro was born. Of course this is great for gardeners, but also means that every sports ground can be watered rather than the 1-in-4 of last year.

A friend commented to me last year, "do you ever think- one day we will have to explain to our children that we used to use drinking water on the garden?"


Our Park Life said...

it is funny how rain comes as a positive or a negative depending upon the situation we are in....Today we have clear skies and i am grateful for that as we have had a lot of rain this winter in margaret river...a good thing, yes, but it is nice to look out the window and see some sunshine!

gill xo

The Clip Cafe said...

Water is precious - we could do with some more here. I love running water in a a river. Rain evokes lots of different feelings :-)

Maxabella said...

That question from your friend is real food for thought! I have been putting off getting rainwater tanks (there always seems to be other things to spend our money on!) but really, I should know better!!! x

MultipleMum said...

So happy for you that the skies have openned! I wish you all the rain you need - you can have mine! It never falls where we need it and always falls when we don't! If only we had some control :)

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