Saturday, October 2, 2010

This weekend I'm grateful for...

Where is the year going? It's October, and already time for another Maxabella-inspired Grateful Saturday. So this weekend I am grateful for:
  1. Spring weather- our week was split between cool, rainy days and sunny, warm days. I was going to just be grateful for the warmth that let the boys roll pasta and eat dinner outside, but I should put a plug in for rain. Do come again another day...
  2. Friends- who go along with my quirky ideas, who share postage on mail orders, who listen to my minor crises and who arrange a catchup after 15 years (NB this load was spread amongst several friends. Just so you don't think I am a completely high maintenance friend.)
  3. Tiny heartbeats- a just-pregnant friend whose family has had a ghastly year for health problems went along to an urgent ultrasound expecting the worst and messaged me afterwards to say she saw a tiny heartbeat. Grateful is an understatement :)

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