Friday, November 20, 2009

Flashback- The Tiger Who Came to Tea

A year or two ago, anyone who invited me to a third birthday party could expect a copy of Judith Kerr's The Tiger Who Came to Tea. Apparently (though I don't specifically remember), when I was three I was obsessed with this book. Twenty-something years later, my obsession resurfaced when I spotted The Tiger while shopping for a third birthday present and decided to buy it with the rationale that I had enjoyed it. As I bought it, the shop assistant commented "my three year old LOVES this book", and then I was told that the birthday girl loved it. So I was convinced that three year olds love The Tiger Who Came to Tea. It's not a very common book, either, so I could be fairly confident I wouldn't give anyone their sixth copy! I admit that I have branched out in three year old presents more recently (sandwich cutters are my current favourite), but when it came time to think of a present for Big Bro, The Tiger was on the list. And it's no surprise: he loves it!

Rather than a synopsis, I'll leave you with this YouTube clip. I'm no child psychologist, but I think it appeals to Big Bro because there is a slightly quirky story set in a normal house, and there is ultimately a problem with a simple solution. Three year old humour and logic. These days, my favourite bit is the 70s fashion!


janie said...

Darling! I have to get this for my friend's grand daughter. Her name is Sophie, and she is 3. How great it is that you posted this today!

ilipilli said...

It's a big favourite in this house too. And I love the clothes!

Mary Delle said...

I can see why you love that story. I do too. It's not just for three-year-olds. Thank you so much for sharing this charming story!!

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