Friday, November 13, 2009

Flashback- Sesame Street of yesteryear

I'm a little after the event* but, as was widely publicised this week, Sesame Street has been running for 40 years. I should say from the outset that Big Bro is not that into Sesame Street per se: the current format is a bit over his head with the long story lines (from the three or so episodes we've seen!) and I don't mind that he doesn't have much familiarity with most of the characters with regards to avoiding marketing!

In contrast, by the age of 5 I was a complete addict. In fact, in one of my Sesame Street Annuals (yes, that was my level of addiction!) is a page where I could describe my daily routine, and the afternoon went something like "3pm: come home from school, 330pm: watch Sesame Street". In fact my first memory, from around when I had just turned 3, is of watching Sammy the Snake. I am a little ashamed to admit that I spent several years believing (and boasting) that I had achieved something special in life by witnessing both the outing of Mr Snuffleupagus and the (events surrounding the) death of Mr Hooper!

The bulk of Big Bro's Sesame Street exposure has been through my old books. I was quite pleased that when he got a Sesame Street bandaid at a medical appointment, he told me proudly "it's like in my books"! We especially enjoy The Together Book, which of course appeals to Big Bro's helper tendencies.

I am also looking forward to reading the wordier Big Bird in China book, which I loved as a child (in fact, I was thrilled to see one of the limestone formations- maybe "the elephant that drank the river dry"- in my mother's photos from her trip to China a few years back!)

Perhaps I am being a little bit precious, but I have been limiting our exposure to Oscar the Grouch books as they are peppered with a few too many antisocialities like "Go away" and "I hate..." Monkey See, Monkey Do.

While we're not really into the current Sesame Street format Big Bro's other exposure has been through the wonders of YouTube. Big Bro's favourite is also one of my favourites, the Boogie-Woogie Sheep"

In browsing through the YouTube archives, I have concluded that just about every minute of the 40 years must be on YouTube, judging from how many clips there are! But here are a few more of my faves, which I promise have been culled from a long shortlist:

The Pinball Numbers (B reminded me of this one) : I absolutely loved these, and would feel disappointed at the end. I had forgotten (or never appreciated?) that each number had a different theme; my current favourite is this one for the number 12, with a "US sightseeing" theme.

The Alligator King: again, I probably enjoy the humour of this more now than before

Remembering the shopping: (which snuck in over the Lost Boy)

And finally, the rolling ball (it is with satisfaction that realise that the ending I remembered is the "rare" one!)

I wish I could go on endlessly: this has definitely been my favourite post to research!! But instead, if these clips gelled with you, check out Chaos Theory's Sesame Street tribute: judging by how many Sesame Street memories Sherry and I share, we must be around the same age.

Go on, you know you want to- cruise YouTube and let me know what your favourite Sesame Street moment is!

*And yes, I have also backdated this post: one or other of my offsprings' insomnia interrupted me partway through and with the hectic week I forgot that I hadn't posted it! The wonders of blogger!!

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