Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mission Accomplished!

Yes, I've been a bit quiet in the blogging department recently. I've had a few other pressing projects, some of the kitchen kind.

As I mentioned, I had an order for two birthday cakes for a certain pair of brothers' party. I pondered a theme that would fit both of them, and the outcome was:


Of course Maisy does lots of exciting things, including flying a plane...
which is right up Big Bro's alley.

For the record, Little Bro's cake was the plain variant of the Bill Granger's egg-free melt-and-mix cake (a bit bland was my conclusion, but the kids seemed to like it), while I stuck with my "traditional" cake for Big Bro, Nigella's chocolate fudge cake (it's always a winner).

I had one of those nice parental moments when I asked Big Bro later what his favourite part of the day had been. (I was fully expecting it would be "the presents".) After a pause , he answered "the cakes". Ahhh. But to bring me down to earth, he then went on "I liked Little Bro's cake best."
Speaking of traditions (and Nigella), for my three birthday party attempts to date I have made Cheese Biscuits cut out in the birthday boy's (or boys') initial(s) plus their year number (and I realised I have never taken a photo!). The older kids at the parties seem to like them- and this year I was pleased that Big Bro also recognised the significant of the letters and numbers. It's always nice to see your efforts appreciated!


ilipilli said...

Fantastic! Love your Maisy picture - it's perfect.

(Sorry I didn't see this before. For some reason your posts aren't coming up in my Dashboard list any more...??)

_vTg_ said...

Thanks! I used a tracing from a picture to cut Maisy out from ready-to-roll icing (yukky taste but so easy to use; the rest of the cake was nicer-to-eat buttercream)

No idea about Dashboard; I tend to use my left side toolbar ("my blog list") to keep track of updates.

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