Friday, August 13, 2010

Big Cook, Little Cook

We changed our Foxtel plan a few weeks ago, which gave us period of access to channels we hadn't seen before- including CBeebies, the BBC kids' channel. The boys don't watch a lot of TV, but for Big Bro the novelty of new programs has taken over what was his iPad time. His favourite has been Big Cook, Little Cook, a series in which two cooks (Big and Little by the magic of television) cook appropriate dishes for the characters who come through their cafe- a zucchini plane for a pilot, a traffic light sandwich for a police officer, and a hairy spaghetti for Rapunzel. BBC seem to have been keeping close hold of their copyright, so most of what appears on YouTube isn't a good representation of the real show, but here is Big Bro's favourite part (usually minus the signing!):

We've cooked a couple of the recipes, or variants- they're not too bad in the nutrition stakes, with plenty of vegetables appearing. And each episode features a "how is it made?" segment where the preparation of one ingredient is shown- in one case inspiring our alfalfa growing. Yes, it's television, so I won't get too excited about its virtues, but as far as TV goes, Big Cook, Little Cook is definitely at the better end of the spectrum.


Maxabella said...

There's definitely a place for television shows in every child's life from about 3 upwards. I'm glad Big Bro has found one he likes.

_vTg_ said...

Thanks :)
yes, tv of regulated content and volume isn't going to turn Big Bro into a delinquent just yet! Guess I am just a bit cautious about extolling the virtues of The Box, especially when companies like Baby Einstein/Disney make unfounded claims about it's benefits for smaller kids!

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