Saturday, August 21, 2010

Democracy for Dinner

We took the boys to the local primary school to vote today. I had prepared Big Bro (partly as it's likely he'll go to that school in a couple of years) but every time we discussed going to the school to vote he wondered "is there water? Where is the boat taking us?" He also found the concept of voting a bit abstract. The best I could do was offer that we were saying who we liked best (how do you explain government to a three year old?) The post-vote sausage seemed much more easily understood!
After a day of questions I proposed we have our own election, to decide on tomorrow's dinner. Four ballot papers were quickly printed and the not-so-secret ballot was taken.
Returns Officer Big Bro and scrutineer Mama agreed on the vote: Pasta-3, Salad-1, Rice-0. Pasta wins on first preferences.


Maxabella said...

I adore the way you 'teach' your kids valuable stuff in the most fun way possible. I wish I'd thought of this terrific idea today. My kids are all tucked up in bed now (although, not asleep - I wish!).

Today the juxtaposition of the way some citizens risk their lives to vote and an Aussie (me) buying a dozen cupcakes at the school cupcake stall on my way out was not lost on me. Viva Australia, whoever get in, I say.

Gina said...

Yes. Democracy. Doesn't it taste good!

_vTg_ said...

M- (blush) thanks! I guess I just feel strongly that (eventually) I'd like Big Bro to understand current events so why not get started now?! Hopefully he'll never vote informally!!

G- Ooh, it is sweet: being a former resident of Melbourne (Green) and Denison (potential Independent) I am enjoying the analysis!

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