Thursday, August 19, 2010

Magpie Swooping Season

I was a little nervous a few days ago when this magpie stared down at the boys in our garden.
Fortunately it hasn't returned, so I think (hope!) we're safe from attacks. But evidently it is swooping season- I heard on the radio this morning that the Victorian Government has launched a Magpie Map to record swooping incidents. Seems like it's pretty new- when I look today I can find a lot more information from the Leader's Swoop Hot Spots Map.

Thankfully I've never been swooped by a magpie; in Hobart the equivalent were spur wing plovers that would cause parts of our school oval to be closed off until the plover nests were destroyed (now illegal...)

To be honest, I wouldn't know what to do if Mr Maggie above decided to start swooping, though I've heard plenty of stories of bike helmets, paper eyes to stick on the back of your hat, wearing ice cream tubs as hats.... Any suggestions?


Mariza said...

Hi, i think that the leaders map is from last year, so not sure if the locations will be up to date. The Victorian Government map has only just been launched so, will be the most up to date resource.

_vTg_ said...

Thanks- hadn't realised this!

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