Wednesday, August 25, 2010

How hard the Greens campaigned for Melbourne

One of the outcomes of the still-undecided Federal Election was the landmark victory of the Greens' Adam Bandt in the seat of Melbourne. We ventured into GreensLand yesterday, and saw the extend to which the Greens courted every possible vote:
...including letterboxing a house which has been a burnt out shell for several years!


MultipleMum said...

Hmmm...wasting paper doesn't sound too 'green' to me. lol. Lucky you guys for having such an interesting MP. I live in the land of Liberal supremacy. It is a shocker.

_vTg_ said...

LOL, yes, this is the New Greens who have to balance reality with environmentalism!

We are actually in deep Labor heartland that wasn't influenced (at least in numbers) by a large Green swing. So I watched Melbourne with interest- certainly my unscientific poll of train station spruikers showed that the Greens (including Bandt himself) were the only party desperate for votes: no sign of the Liberals (economic rationalism on the campaign trail) and only two sightings of ALP (versus near-daily for the Greens). So good luck to the Greens!

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