Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Advent Calendar

As well as being Day 1 of A Project A Day, it's the first of December, which means the first day of our Advent Calendar- a beautiful Made in Germany creation from J. (Thanks!)
Big Bro quickly got the idea- today we open Door Number 1, tomorrow it's Door Number 2. We only open the door for today. Door 1 was the little girl at bottom right- who is now holding a drum. Yep, holding a drum, not a chocolate. The way it should be on an Advent calendar.

Cute post script: Big Bro was especially difficult to rouse the next day- not even the usual subtle tricks like hollering "breakfast time- who's having cereal?" 5 cm from his ear were enough to wake him. I decided he must really need his sleep and left him. Three seconds later, out raced a little pyjama clad fellow. "It's time to open the number 2 door!!" Advent Calendar AND alarm clock!


Maxabella said...

Very nice. I am guilty of having little socks for each day of the advent calendar and I put little gifts and sweeties in each sock. Each child gets a sock every third day. It's a nice tradition, but no wonder my children are so materialistic and greedy. I'm making changes next year!!! x

_vTg_ said...

No, that's a cute tradition! Good on your kids for managing to wait their 3 days- we are currently in equality-land!! My complaint is just against the $3 Ben-10, Barbie and similar un-Christmas themed calendars that are everywhere this year. I grew up with the unadorned nativity scene calendars where the treat for 24th/25th Dec (depending on which church you follow??) was to reveal the Babe in the manger.

(If you're keen for changes, have you seen Sherry@ Chaos Theory's Advent Activity Calendar? (look right) If I were a supermum I would be doing that...)

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