Monday, December 6, 2010

Hungry locusts descending on Melbourne?

Hungry locusts are descending on Melbourne, "migrating south by the trillions" according to The Age today. It includes this picture from 730am..... eww!

There is not a lot available about small-scale destruction of locusts- from what I've gleaned
- they don't like chilli or garlic (so I will be drenching my garden in Beat-a-bug spray)
- chooks and boots are the best defence
- they're attracted to green, so protecting vulnerable plants with green shadecloth or netting shouldn't be green (could you temporarily paint vulnerable plants a different colour?)
- they're attracted to yellow, so that's a good colour for traps. Or yellow objects floating in swimming pools is a good way to drown them (cancel that pool party...)


Maxabella said...

It's just so Biblical! x

Greenearth said...

Loved your solutions.

ANB said...

Ewwww... do you remember the grasshopper plague in Laura Ingalls Wilder? I also remember the grasshopper plague in Roxby Downs in the late 1980s where the swimming pool filter would be clogged thick with their yucky crunchy bodies.

_vTg_ said...

M- better than frogs or boils...
G- thanks!
A- yes! The plague where Ma said "there's no great loss without some gain" in true Ma-like fashion because the chickens were well fed. Reminds me thar like the Victorian situation they laid eggs and then for no good reason swarmed away. Gotta love LIW! I'm thinking about starting BBro on them- maybe Farmer Boy.

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