Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day 6: Letter to Santa

No, I haven't been consumed by the voracious locusts: just trying to shake off a chesty bug, so rest has had a higher priority than reporting on A Project A Day. This was one of the items on my list:

Getting Big Bro to write his first Santa letter (we discussed what he wanted to say, then I dictated the letters which he wrote). It wasn't too hard- he likes both the idea of Santa and he likes writing letters- especially with a purpose! I feel a little bad that I suggested he say "I have tried hard to be a big helper" rather than the more positive "I have been a big helper"- I was feeling rather frazzled at the time- but there we are. So now "new bike research" is on the list!

We posted a photocopy of the letter (well, Big Bro thinks the original went...) to Santa, North Pole 9999 so we're looking forward to a reply...

Today I wanted to mention children in Australia whose family situations are such that Santa may miss their house- with a $40 donation, the Wesley Mission can provide provide these children with a gifts to make their Christmas brighter.


can u dig it? said...

Hi vTg, found your blog through Australian Gardening Directory. Most interesting. Hope your chesty bug has cleared up. What about this rain? At least it'll keep the locusts in check!


_vTg_ said...

Hey cudi, welcome aboard! Yes, how about the rain?? Definitely better than none... but it is getting in the way of the gardening side of the blog!!

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