Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Project A Day

Ilipilli is running "A Project a Day" for December, so I decided to hang out my procrastination in public and sign up.

Hello, I'm V and I am a serial procrastinator.

So the deal is that every day in December I tick something off my "to do" list. My very long "to do" list. For me it's about clearing up the house and garden (I'm not as crafty as Pen), with the incentive that I might feel mentally clearer when I launch into Career #2 next year. My goal is to have 30 minutes a day doing something I might otherwise put off. So far the list includes:

- clearing out a few dumping-ground cupboards around the house
- weeding or clearing various bits of the garden that I have been ignoring
- deadheading the roses
- creating albums from our zillion photos from the last four years
- putting up pictures after only 3 and a half years here
- sorting out Little Bro's outgrown clothes. And his outgrown baby equipment. And all the other remnants of having had two babies in the house.
- doing my long-promised eBay selling of this, that and the other. I buy on eBay but I've never sold... until now...
- clearing out the garage
- clearing out the freezer. There are babyfood purees somewhere in there. I know. I pretend not to, but they're there. And I'm sure I am not saving them for the grandkids.

If you have a few unfinished jobs hanging over your head, why not join in with Ilipilli's Project a Day? We're also trying to work out how to tie it in with a bit of fundraising- will have to ponder this a bit more. If nothing else, drop by to keep us honest and keep the accountability pressure on us!

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Maxabella said...

I really, really need to do this... I'll go and sign up... in a minute... tomorrow... very soon... x

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