Sunday, December 5, 2010

Days 4 and 5: changing seasons

It was a hectic weekend with lots to do that didn't quite fit with my Project a Day rules: Wiggles concert (watching excited kids=heaps of fun!), play group Christmas barbecue (watching excited kids=heaps of fun!), plus the usual run around of weekend activites. But in between all that I managed to pull out the broad beans, salvaging 1.5kg of pods.

I haven't yet found broad beans in shops or markets that look as good as the home grown version, so it was definitely a sad farewell to an old friend- the broad beans had been planted way back in autumn, so for an annual plant they have stuck around for ages, touching every season. But as Pen said about her broad bean crop, its demise is bittersweet- they need to move on to make room for the summer crops. And certainly we did seize that opportunity- today Little Bro and I started to plant out our tomatoes that have been patiently waiting in the seed house. Welcome, summer.

Images to come...
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ilipilli said...

Wow, ours have been out for ever and our tomato plants are 120cm high! So interesting to see the difference in the seasons.

We had a crazy weekend too. I need to suppress that feeling of 'wasting my holiday' because I'm not doing projects!! lol x

_vTg_ said...

I think Sydney fits the "proper" schedule for plants so much better than Melbourne! (Except for being too warm for garlic...) To be fair, part of my inspiration to get over the end-of-the-broad bean hurdle was visiting a friend's place with a jungle of metre-high tomato plants. They've been loving the warm and wet weather here. I also had the shock of seeing a tomato on one of the few I had already planted into bigger pots. Fingers crossed the warm wet weather persists for a few more weeks.

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