Sunday, August 30, 2009

Big Bro the Helper

For about the last year, being called a "helper" has been the highest form of praise in Big Bro's opinion. At the age of two he just has one of those personalities that wants to help, whether it's stacking chairs at kindy, reshelving books at the library, or finding a toy to cheer up a crying baby.

Housework is one of Big Bro's passions, which is surprising as neither of his parents have a similar neatfreak streak... or maybe that's why!! Part of it is his technophilic interests coming through- we have reached an agreement that he can press the washing machine, dryer and dishwasher buttons, and even when he's not around I have become so accustomed to his assistance (and protests that occur should his assistance not be sought!) that I have a double-take before I operate any of these machines on my own. He also enjoys being asked to put away the clean dishes, and loading and unloading clothes from the washer or dryer. Today I was stunned as he brought a small chair to stand on so he could reach the last of the clothes in the dryer, took them out, and as my jaw fell to the ground, he attempted to fold the clothes before putting them in the basket. Who taught him that one?? Certainly not me!! (*blush*)

Vacuuming is another of Big Bro's "hobbies", and he's quite adept with the handheld Dustbuster. A few days ago I caught myself saying to him "and while you're at it, could you vacuum under Little Bro's highchair?" Yikes!! Child labour camp warden in the making!!

The garden is another site of Big Bro's helping. He loves to water and dig, and recently his dexterity and concentration have increased enough that I can trust him with seedlings ("baby plants"- he knows baby things require an extra level of care). On Friday we planted out a lavender and some columbines, and my role was merely site supervisor and seedling dispensor.

I'd love to believe that Big Bro's helping inclinations are not just a toddler phase. I don't think I can expect anything, but I can dream!!

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