Monday, August 24, 2009

Holiday Highlights- the gardener's edition

The cooler climate favours stunning displays of blossoms and bulbs.

My mum's bulbs were also up; this daffodil is growing in a shady area and has a stalk about 50cm tall!

The more experience I have gardening, the more I realize the hard work my mum has put into her garden. She lives on a steep slope of clay, and over 15 years she and my dad built a series of terraces that could be filled with decent soil and planted. Growing up in the midst of it, I never appreciated how much improvement had happened, and how much dirt and rocks my mum shifted by herself!

We also visited the Gardening Australia vegie patch ("Pete's Patch) at the Royal Tasmanian Botanic Gardens with J, my friend and garden mentor. She is a regular at the Gardens, and said that if you're there on Tuesdays you often bump into Tino, the new GA presenter. Apparently he's a "lovely young man", who is always up for a chat, and charmed silver-haired J by saying "if I want to know anything about gardening, I always ask an old lady"!

I was interested to see GA is growing the same two varieties of broad beans (Coles Dwarf and Early Long Pod) as I am. I am still thinking of shifting to Crimson Flowered broad beans next year for the stunning flowers.

I also checked out the drip irrigation system for inspiration.

A trip to visit our friends in the country was another chance for a long garden chat. This photo is of their use of bundled newspapers to construct a levy bank to separate their house from a river. I was impressed by the recycling!

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