Monday, August 24, 2009

Holiday Highlights- from the family perspective

We've just returned from a week with my mum in Hobart. We had a fantastic time- lots of time for relaxing (especially with a ratio of 3 adults to 2 children!) and eating well. I thought I'd share a few pictures of the highlights from the boys' perspective (ok, mostly Big Bro's perspective. But I think Little Bro had fun too!) and in a separate post, some garden-related highlights.

Of course the airport was a big hit with plane-obsessed Big Bro, and Little Bro was happy to share the experience.

And once we arrived, Hobart proved to be a transportation-lover's dream holiday, with water-taxis

Botanical Garden buggies
and the Alpenrail model train.

Actually, "model train" is an understatement- it's a room filled with a model Swiss alpine setting, crisscrossed by automated trains, populated by canoeists, Alpenhorn-players, hikers, commuters, cable cars..... I had been there over 20 years ago and was more impressed by its scale now than I was then.

Whilst in Hobart, children can't go past the Cat and Fiddle for novelty...

Whilst the novelty of living with a real live cat was also a thrill for Big Bro, who quickly took on the responsibility of feeding Maggie-Cat, as well as maintaining a running commentary on her activities.

Meanwhile, a trip to the country gave Big Bro the chance to see real live baa-baa-sheep.

As soon as we unbuckled our seatbelts on arrival into Melbourne, it was no surprise to hear
"I want to go on holiday again!"

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