Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Signs of spring

It's starting to feel like spring is on the way. The garden agrees!

The daffodils are well on their way

And I'm not sure whether I'm just noticing them this year, or whether the hellebores are putting on a better show than previous years.

Our old fig has started to shoot. The lighter green bud on the top is leaves, while on the left side is a "breva" fruit which was formed last summer, and has been waiting all winter to come out.

The nectarine buds are nearly open. Last year our crop were all fungally mummified, so I'm hoping this year we'll have a bit more luck. We'll see...

In the vegie patch the broad beans are flowering, and the caulis are starting to bump shoulders. I never believe that the weenie little seedlings are going to get so big and am always guilty of planting too heavily! Last year it was a good call as between Big Bro's gumboots and the caterpillars, we only harvested from two of the twelve cauli seedlings I put in. This year we have a strike rate of 6/6!

The sugar snap peas were from Digger's seeds that were supposed to have expired in November 2000. Yes, 10 year old seeds and they've shot up the 2m fence to reached the top (hidden amongst the ornamental climber). I love garden surprises like these!!

Meanwhile, in the mini-greenhouse, the tomato and chilli haven't realised that winter has almost been and gone. They're in for a cold shock when I evict them to make room for spring planting!!

But with all these signs of spring, I am getting more concerned by the day... what's happening with the asparagus??

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