Saturday, August 15, 2009


The bulbs are getting into the swing of things, and I'm enjoying learning more about the varieties that came as part of the Tesselaar's mix that I might not have thought about choosing on their own. Like hyacinths!

Seeing these ones reminded me firstly of my late grandmother's garden- she had an amazing display of bulbs, and sadly I'm only now starting to appreciate many of her favourites.

The other hyacinth-inspired memory was of my friends' wedding about 6 years ago. Again, hyacinths had flown under my radar, but they made a stunning floral theme. Unfortunately this is the best of the few photos I took that included the flowers (and the beautiful bride- couldn't crop her out!)

We're heading off on holiday tomorrow, so straight after the photo session I picked the best stem from my hyacinths, and put it in water in my bedroom so I could enjoy its aroma. I only have three hyacinths, so they are definitely going on next year's bulb list!

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