Friday, August 28, 2009

Unwanted inhabitants

Do you ever get the urge to weed someone else's garden?

Whenever I pass this box hedge-in-the-making I have the urge to clear away the oxalis overgrowth.

Maybe other people look at our front lawn and feel the same way! Yesterday Little Bro and I went outside with plans to eat some grass and wood chips (Little Bro) and continue working on the drip irrigation system (not Little Bro). Then I saw this cheeky yellow flag:


And this dandelion, harbouring a slug underneath its leaves:

And this one, which I particularly dislike for its habit of forming a thick mat over large patches, leaving a muddy void when removed:

Ten minutes later and I had amassed a pile of weeds.

It's quite addictive- you see one and pull it, then spot another and think that it will only take a few seconds to get that one out too. Then all of a sudden it's getting dark, your kids are tired and hungry and you're still weeding... ok, maybe I have never got to that point, but maybe I could!

My efforts for the day barely scratched the surface of our weed problem: today there seemed to be just as many non-grass plants as yesterday, or maybe more. Fortunately sitting on the lawn with the kids isn't that bad a way to spend a spring afternoon... or ten, judging by the volume of weeds I need to shift!!

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