Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Bunnings Trap

I dropped into Bunnings with the boys to pick up some potting mix and dripper system fittings, and came out with a strawberry for each boy, a punnet of cos lettuce, chives, a silvan berry and a pack of Jiffy pots.... "oops".

Big Bro decided the strawberries were called Mr Strawberry and Mrs Strawberry. Mr Strawberry brings two developing fruit with him- maybe inspired by our recent library borrowing, Eric Carle's Mr Seahorse?


ANB said...

Sounds like you got off lightly! I wish they sold shares in Bunnings, I would buy some and get rich.

Maxabella said...

A trap indeed. Going to Bunnings is like getting sucked into a vortex of WANT and NEED and SPEND... I'm lucky if we get out alive, frankly!!! Enjoy potting up those strawberries. I'm going to plant some with the tsunamis this weekend. x

_vTg_ said...

ANB- but they do sell shares- Westfarmers! Call your broker!

M- yes, they've got the appropriate balance of variety and inexpensive items. I am always stunned by how much a few $5 items adds up to. On the other hand, I am always impressed by how little my IKEA purchases rack up to. Go figure...
Good luck with the strawberries- let's compare results!

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