Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Decisions decided

I haven't been holding my breath for the 17 post-election days, but I did feel my lips turning blue in the final 20 minutes before we knew the outcome- that is, the 20 minute ramble of Australia's new Hippie-in-Chief*, Rob Oakeshott. Finally, we have a government (ok, so we always did, just one in caretaker mode...)

And to all those people who said they'd vote differently if it came to a second election: next time, vote for who you want to win. You never know, they might fall over the line.

I can't guarantee that I will be putting the politics label to bed for the next three years- we do have a state election in a few months- but hopefully This Growing Life can get back to the important business of parenting and gardening, and everything in between. Once the writs are returned, I will unlink to my favourite statistician, but as a final tribute to Antony Green, here is a song from Keating! the musical.


*full credit for this wonderful term goes to my friend Upulie, who really needs to restart blogging! I am hoping that by linking to her she might be inspired..........

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