Monday, September 13, 2010

Learning to play cards

Big Bro is gradually learning to play card games- so far he can play a fair game of Go Fish or Snap. I enjoy playing card games- my favourite was Racing Demon, best played with my mum, my grandmother, and several other aunts and uncles, around my grandmother's big dining table. Each player had their own pack of cards and the table was so big that it was hard to keep track of the common piles in the centre. Even the sorting out of each pack at the end of each game was cheerfully rowdy. As fun as that was, my mum would say that playing with her aunt's fiercely competitive family was even better. These days I lack card-playing partners, so I am very enthusiastic about Big Bro's interest!!

He hasn't mastered holding his cards in a fan- which brought back memories of my mum repeatedly helping me to arrange my card fan- so I used a shoebox to make a alternate confidential-card-holder.
Go Fish today, Racing Demon tomorrow? Not quite, but I can hope!!


Maxabella said...

That's a really clever idea with the shoe box! He looks like a careful little bank teller with his cards all in a row like that. I think it's delightful when your children start playing 'grown up' games. It's when they start to get interesting to me!! I love a game. x

Rita said...

Susie began playing UNO when she was 3 and had a game with John every morning before he went to work. Both M and S enjoyed memory played with cards too from around this age.

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