Thursday, September 9, 2010

Root Crops

The radishes were ready to be pulled, but the carrots have a while to go... but thinly sliced they make a crunchy topping for a salad.


Maxabella said...

We used to munch on Dad's radishes straight out of the garden after a quick hose down. Delish! To this day I could eat an entire bushel without stopping. Sometimes, though, when you get an unexpectedly hot one... ooooh, that stops me!! x

_vTg_ said...

LOL, they are great- I planted them because they are a "great crop for children to grow"- because they are so quick- but it turns out that my kids don't still don't have the attention span to appreciate them! Meanwhile, I am now a convert!

Anonymous said...

Those carrots are great - we pulled a few of ours the other day as they were crowded and they'd all snaked around each other... we just put them back in the ground and hoped for the best!

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