Monday, September 6, 2010

DIY indoor washing line

Household chores are such a mundane topic, but they do seem to occupy a sizeable chunk of my time and energy. Nothing unusual about that, I'm sure. My big love-hate relationship at the moment is with the laundry. Of all the chores, I really don't mind washing (helped by my love of our front-loader!), and hanging out the washing is a good excuse to stand outside and ponder the garden... and it's even better when I remember to bring the radio and listen to a snatch of News Radio! That's all well and good, but my problem with the washing is how much there is: we're up to around 6 or 7 loads a week. And when the weather is as wet as it has been recently, that's a lot of washing to hang up inside.

This rather cluttered cupboard-under-the-stairs is a great size for housing our clothes horse where it won't get tripped over or bumped or climbed on. However, our clothes horse isn't a great size for our family and recently I keep finding myself guiltily directing some of the washing straight into the dryer. A visitor suggested getting a ceiling-mounted clothes rack for the laundry, but they all seemed pretty pricey.

I had some eyelet screws left over from a trellis wire kit and combined with some $5 washing line from Kmart and four drill holes I was able to make some extra hanging space out of the way in our under-stair cupboard.

Total cost under $10, total time under 10 minutes.


Maxabella said...

Now that's what I call an amazing case of thinking... inside the box! Great idea.

You could also make your own clothes rack by making a rough frame out of four planks of wood and stringing some wire between them. Then attach your eyelet hooks to the ceiling and string some fine rope around the rack and the eyelets to raise and lower the rack.

Man, did I just write all that? Your version is looking better and better!!

_vTg_ said...

LOL, as I read that I was thinking that connecting four planks of wood would by my most ambitious drilling project!! I didn't mention that our drill is about 4 weeks old, bought for another project that I am still not sure I can do....!

ANB said...

You pipped me to the post, haha, by writing about washing! It prompted me to finally finishing the post I have been writing for several days. You can never have too many clothes lines: we have an outdoor one, two clothes racks, and a new(ish) outdoor undercover $5 Kmart line! Re brand new drills, I think my Dad is hopeful of one day making a handyman of David: one of the first Christmases we lived together, they gave him screwdrivers (plus toolbelt for comedy purposes). Another year, a drill. For his 30th birthday, his parents gave him a lawnmower. How to tell you're getting old I say!

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