Thursday, September 2, 2010

Maisy's birthday party

Did you know Lucy Cousins' anthropomorphic mouse, Maisy, is 20 years old?

We found that out last weekend when we attended her birthday party at a book shop in the city. Big Bro was thrilled- and all day wondered whether it was Maisy's party time yet. When we arrived there were a couple of warmup acts- book readings- before the party girl emerged. (It's evidently not the world's best designed costume, as Maisy had to be led in and out, and a couple of times whacked her guests on the head with her nose!)

The kids played "Maisy says", there was a well-regulated photo-op for each family (Big Bro was nearly ejected by a bouncer because he had almost completely rubbed off his official entry stamp!) and there was cake and singing. What else could a mouse want for her birthday?

Big Bro of course wanted to invite Maisy to his birthday party, and I reminded him that he and Little Bro had of course had a Maisy-themed party last year (subtext- I am out of Maisy creative ideas!)

At the time I showed you the Maisy cakes:

I realized I didn't get around the showing the other Maisy themed components, mostly made using pictures from the Maisy website. First we had the invitations:

I printed pictures from the Maisy Fun Club onto coloured paper bags to use as lolly bags

and onto coloured paper which I cut into triangles and threaded on a string to make a banner.

The official party had Maisy balloons, but apart from those it was pretty easy to make our own Maisy-themed party from scratch.

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