Monday, May 17, 2010

Gardening with the tiny tots

I decided I really needed to plant this year's broad beans. Surely I could do it with Little Bro in tow?

We managed to dig the bed, once Little Bro had found a shovel to his liking.

I managed to make a furrow while he was busy picking flowers for me to put in my hair.

I opened the seed packet. Big Bro wanted to put some in the furrow. No problemo. Little Bro wanted to put some in the furrow. He drops his first seed. That's ok. He places his second seed carefully in the hole. Well done!

Now it's time to cover the seeds. Yes, Little Bro, that means we say bye bye to your seed. Yes, you can't see your seed any more. You know, it really isn't that sad that YOUR seed has been buried and is, technically, no longer YOURS.

It really isn't that sad, unless you are 18 months old. Then it is a tragedy.

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