Sunday, January 10, 2010

Kids in the Kitchen: Frosty Fruits

It's been HOT here! I've been thinking of good cooling food for the boys.

Like watermelon slushy: freeze chunks of watermelon, puree and serve.

Or frozen bananas (insert an icecream stick for ease of handling) and grapes (the grapes are definitely not for Little Bro: choking hazard). Neither sounds that interesting, but freezing makes the banana creamy while the grapes have a refreshingly icy crunch.

Meanwhile, in the "every cloud has a silver lining" category, I have discovered that our evaporative cooling unit drains into our rainwater tanks. So with the hot weather, one tank is "miraculously" nearly full! I hate to think how much tap water goes into running the cooling... but at least it gets recycled.

With all the heat and sufficient water, the garden is actually looking good- the vegies are thriving! Though the test comes tomorrow, when 43C is forecast- fingers and toes are crossed that I haven't spoken too soon!!

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