Saturday, January 9, 2010

Zucchini Season

Two months ago, this was my cucurbit bed, which I described as having "micro-zucchinis".

With plenty of warmth and water, this is it now: micro has become macro!

We've started harvesting from the three plants from the Digger's tri-colour mix which, as good fortune would have it, are three different colours.

Harvesting zucchinis means converting zucchinis into edible form, and this has taken a bit of culinary convincing for Big Bro who thought he didn't like zucchinis. For the first meal I sliced the zucchini finely and sauteed in butter, then topped it with grated cheese, and christened it Cheesini (or Zucheesy). I felt a bit of a fraud to be disguising the zucchini so much, but Big Bro was convinced, and asked for seconds! My plan is to gradually scale back the additives until perhaps he will happily eat a naked steamed morsel. We shall see.

A few days ago I changed tack and made pikelets with grated zucchini, onion, mushroom, parsely, silver beet and leftover Christmas ham. Another victory!

So now I'm on the hunt for other delicious zucchini recipes: how do you like yours?


ilipilli said...

Go the pikelets! And don't forget to eat the (male) flowers battered and deep fried... mmm...

Lucy said...

I'm still waiting for my zucchini plants to develop fruit. Yours looks a lot happier than mine.

In terms of recipes, zucchini and cheese risotto is really nice. I use Jamie Oliver's recipe

_vTg_ said...

Ooh, ilipilli, you are pushing my cooking limits: I am a very nervous deep fryer!! (especially now with a gas stove and little people!) But Stephanie's new book has an eggwhite batter that sounds lovely and light.....

Lucy- thanks, I will give it a go! Risotto makes great kid food... and adult food too :) There is a noticeable shift in growing seasons between Hobart and Melbourne- growing up in Hobart I never realised that a temperature difference of a few degrees would make such a difference, but it does!

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