Thursday, January 21, 2010

Toddle Waddle!

Toddle Waddle is the latest literary fad for 1 year olds in our house.

I first noticed that it was pulled off the shelf and flicked through at a more-than-random frequency. Then, when I removed the dust jacket and carelessly left it on top of the bookshelf in full view of our story chair, frantic pointing at the bookshelf ensued. Story time is now not complete without "Tada-dadadadaDADADADA". The latter crescendo is only necessary if a silly parent is trying to offer a book other that Toddle Waddle.

The story (or "story") is a great one for Little Bro- a baby and a cheerful duck (Da! Qua-qua!) toddle-waddle off for a walk, accompanied by a variety of other noisy travellers, beating an escalating rhythm to the beach. Little Bro awards bonus points are earnt for the inclusion of a choo-choo, plus two pages amenable to hand actions- "Stop!" and "Bye-bye". For me, it's a cute- I love the toddler's smily face and baby gait- and succinct read, and I'll be happy to toddle waddle for as long as Little Bro requests it.

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