Monday, January 25, 2010

Frankston Sand Sculpting

The boys recently acquired a sandpit, so for a bit of inspiration we headed down to Frankston to see the Sand Sculptures.

The exhibit had the theme "Great Moments in History". Big Bro was pleased to see that his favourite politician was featured.

Some sculptures were still under construction, like this impressive "Great Buildings of the World".

And yes, this is sand, and only sand, that is making the bridge between the Petronas Towers and the round hole in the one at the far left (I am guessing it is the original design of the Shanghai World Financial Center). In all honesty, however, as we discovered when doing a bit of sculpting ourselves, the "sand" isn't the regular beach variety but more like coarse clay and very sticky. Which explains how the exhibit can run until April!!

As well as the sand sculpting tent, there was a sand-craft tent where for $5-10 children could use coloured sand to stick to adhesive patches on pictures, or layer the colours in a jar to make an ornament.

We all had fun at the exhibition, and to top the morning off we hit the beach for a bit of paddling (Little Bro's first interactive beach experience: he was fascinated by the waves!), watched a few boats passing under the bridge over the inlet, and had a tasty lunch on the beachside deck at Sofia.

Thumbs up to Frankston Beach for a great morning out!

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