Sunday, January 3, 2010

Kids in the Kitchen: Pesto time!

The basil was starting to get a bit lanky so I knew it was time to make pesto. My previous effort, at the end of last summer, had been overly creative and ended up dominated by the peppery tastes of walnut and garlic, so this version we went with a traditional basil-garlic-pine nut-parmesan-oil recipe. It turned out that the cup of basil leaves we picked was less than most recipes called for, so we topped up the greens with mint and our omnipresent parsley.

The end result received the thumbs up from the boys. B observed that pesto appears to be one of the few forms of green leafy edibles that Big Bro will happily consume!


ilipilli said...

Yum! We have been making heaps of pesto with oregano, cashews (cheaper than pine nuts) and parmesan. And Thai Basil is great too. And yes, the kids love it!

_vTg_ said...

LOL- never realised the economical side of cashews! I have heard of coriander-cashew as a good mix (from someone with a surplus of coriander, which is sadly never my problem).

I will have to experiment a bit more (I was a bit stung by my bad walnut/garlic experience).... which will mean locating the oregano under the parsely jungle!

Kidwise, I have been meaning to try Nigella's "green eggs and ham", green eggs being a pesto-laced omelette.

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