Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Random thoughts

While packing the dishwasher, I got thinking about how there are some people who scrub dishes until the last stubborn dried morsel of food comes off, and others who soak the dish in water until the food softens and comes off.

I'm definitely a soaker, not a scrubber if I can help it. What does that say about my approach to life? Do I wait for problems to sort themselves out rather than tackle them head-on? Does the world need both scrubbers and soakers?

1 comment:

ilipilli said...

LOL V - I think you need some more sleep! All I can say is that I would prefer to rinse the food off to start with (must be my training). At least I don't subscribe to the "Why wash it off when you can dry it off, and why dry it when it dries in the cupboard?" philosophy of one of my close relatives?!

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