Sunday, May 9, 2010

Slow cooked Mothers' Day

With one thing and another, it seemed like my turn to host a family Mothers' Day lunch. As Big Bro had a swimming class that morning and I didn't fancy spending the whole morning in the kitchen, I went with cook-in-advance recipes (to be fair, I declined B's offer of take-away!). On the menu were:

- ilipilli's sourdough bread (with bought dips)
- Butternut and pasta soup
- How to Eat's chicken and chickpea stew
- couscous
- tabouli (finally, a way to use up my parsley!!)
- green salad

Everything was made the night before, except the couscous, taboulli, salad and bread baking, which took minimal effort. The lamb and chicken were my first attempts at true slow cooking, in a 140 degree oven overnight. I really like the feeling of slow cooking- no stressing about overboiling, an hour here or there is by-the-bye. If only the housework could be put on "slow" mode!!
And I'm never complaining about a meal that gives good leftovers for tomorrow's lunch!!


ilipilli said...

Flattered :)

_vTg_ said...

You deserve flattery for your discovery of such an awesome recipe!! Your bread got 7/7 adult thumbs up (and that was before the others realised I had made it). One person asked how it is after a day or two, and I had to say that we have never had a loaf that we haven't eaten all in one day (gluttons that we are!)

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