Monday, May 24, 2010

This shirt says it all

I bought this t-shirt for Big Bro a few months ago, from the super-cool kids shop, Moppit (also on sale here). It was a bit big, so he's only now grown into it, and it is very appropriate! "Why? Why? Why?" (and the other interrogatives) can keep us going for hours!

Today's conversation in the car was a doozy: it began with "what happens if you don't eat?" and moved on to "but what if there's no shop to buy food from?" at which point I though it would be a good introduction to poverty and hunger and the rest. We worked through people having no money to buy toys because they needed to buy food, and people not being able to buy food at all. All flowing smoothly, until the next question: "So how do you lift up a couch?" Should he be a journalist one day, he would have an... interesting... interview style.

Big Bro is getting into hypotheticals too- the other day we were discussing how, if there was a fire inside, we would go outside. Next question: "but what if there's a fire inside, and lightning outside? Where would you go then?"* Geoffrey Robertson, eat your heart out!

*On an aside, we've been devouring Flash, Crash, Rumble and Roll, full of information about electricity and the relative safety of different places from lightning zaps.

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